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Urban Botanics - The Book
Urban Botanics - The Book

Urban Botanics - The Book

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An indoor plant guide for modern gardeners- hardcover - September, 2017 - by Emma Sibley (Author)  & Maaike Koster (Illustrator)

Languages: English
Urban Botanics

This collection of stunning illustrations accompanied by thoughtful information is an essential source of inspiration. Whether you are looking to cultivate an entire indoor garden, or simply wish to know more about your single cactus, amongst the seventy-five plants within Urban Botanics you can be sure to find the right information for you. 

Each plant is rendered in considered detail from the graceful paintbrush of Maaike Koster, accompanied by text from Emma Sibley on its origins, care tips and any information about fellow species.

The joy of these plants is that they are easy to maintain, and everyone has access to them – you no longer need to have a back garden to turn your hand to this green-fingered pastime.

Succulents, cacti, flowering and foliage plants are growing everywhere; in our homes, work places, bars and shops. Their ubiquity is adding interest, tranquillity and colour in every corner of our lives.  

Across these different plants, originating from every corner of the world, Maaike and Emma have collected a wide variety to tempt even the most timid of gardeners. For those with a full-time job along with everything else, Urban Botanics is made to fit alongside our modern-day schedules.

Even if the closest you ever get to one of these plants is turning these pages, you will find much to admire in the striking illustrations. A must for lovers of art and verdant foliage alike.